Some people do not understand the concept of probability.

When they say that they can drive a car safely even
under the influence of a significant amount of alcohol,
they may be right.
However, the probability that they will harm themselves
or harm other people is much higher than driving safely
and without hurting anybody.

When they say that safety belts have killed people
in some severe car accidents, they may be right.
However, the probability that people survive an accident
with fewer injuries when using a safety belt in a car
is much higher than when they would not use one.

When they say that there have been cases of people
dying after getting a vaccination to protect them from
getting a life-threatening disease, they may be right.
However, the probability of getting infected by that disease
and then being harmed or even killed by it is much higher
than having any negative effects caused by the vaccination.

Probabilities are about choosing the most likely positive path
that will benefit the individual and society equally the most.

a break from work

cheers to you
take a break
for a day or a week
or a month

back to work

and fun
or the real life
going for it


all fiction becomes
when the author
has true talent



who did it?
these things happen

not the end of the world

impressive constructions


What to say?

Expectations on a Wednesday morning in October.
On a beach?

flashing up

- are these all just frames of a movie?
one that has no story to tell
just moments

I am - who?

Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

- where you never went