Friday I'm In Love


The current pandemic had not only affected many poles lives in many different ways, it also kept me from following an idea that related to a project, connected to the work of a dead artist from France. Measuring time in years and weeks and days and hours is based on a system that people agreed upon. What we call a Friday or Sunday has a different name in other languages. The year 2020 has a different beginning and end in other cultural areas, and it also has different appellations.
So holding on to one established system is as relevant as holding on to any other, or to none. References and relations are, therefore, nothing else but conventions within an accepted operating system. Fine, I can live with that.
But I could not execute my own idea for a small, personal system of relations and operations. The pandemic prevented me from traveling to France and from there visiting a specific location at a specific time. That time passed, and I can never revisit my original idea, but I have not abandoned the initial desire to connect. Some of the ideas that I recognise in the other artist's life and work reverberated in my own work, so going to a specific location at a specific time and doing something there would have been a way to express this reverberation and to respond to it.
The journey to Paris had been planned for October 19th, 2020, but it could not take place, even a very, very brief visit would have been very, very difficult, based on the restrictions and limitations that we have to follow. As a second element of my original plan, I wanted to install the outcome of the trip at a gallery in Vienna.
The date for the opening had also been defined as November 27th, 2020, so I worked on an alternative solution for this enterprise. Circumstances got even more in the way, and on that specific day, no-one in Austria was allowed to do anything, or at least almost anything. From working on "Plan A" and switching to "Plan B", I had to consider "Plan C" and even "Plan D" - but it didn't end there. No possible audience and no material and no substance to present, all that was not a very encouraging situation. What I ended up doing was something near a "Plan Z", the last possible thing to come up with. And I did like that, ok, in the end. I gave the materialised alternative idea a title and information that goes like this:
"Friday I'm In Love"
performance - text - audio-visuals - installation
Opening: Friday, 27 November 2020
Due to the current lockdown visiting the exhibition is difficult
and complicated, and confusing, and rather strange
viewers discretion advised
1 - hexagesimal recurrence of the coupling partitions
2 - sexagesimales wiederauftreten der kopplungspartitionen
3 - shestidesyaterichnaya povtoryayemost' razdelitel'nykh peregorodok
4 - kappuringupātishon no rokujisshinhō ni yoru saihatsu
5 - atarlú sexagesimal na deighiltí cúplála
How it works?
Find a wall with a minimum size of approx. 3 by 3 metersor approx. 10 by 10 feet. Allow a distance in front of the wall of at least 5 feet or at least 1,5 meters. Find a person who is willing to read and perform a text for a video recording. Write a text that will take about 2 to 3 minutes to read and perform. Mount the background posters in an irregular order on the wall. Explain to the performer that the text should be presented as if a large audience would listen. During the presentation, the performer (male or female) is marking elements on the posters, potentially writing on them, or making marks. Record the person reading and performing the text in front of the wall. Repeat the recording as often as you and the performer are willing to do and select the best parts from each recording, so one complete set of the compiled recording can be constructed. The recording can be made before the exhibition or at the opening. Find a way to make this recording play audio-visually during the exhibition near the wall.
So although I created something quite different to what my intention had been, I am pleased with the unexpected outcome.
And - it can now be repeated in a way that would allow it to grow and evolve, no matter if that would happen now, or in 60 years ...
Oh, well, I would probably not live as long, but that's a different story.

working at your home office


On March 18th, I emptied and cleaned up the gallery space that I had used for my most recent installation. Late at night on February 26th, I finished setting up the environment that I called "Home Office Heaven". It existed for 19 days only, but it could also have been only one day or only one hour; the duration did not matter to me. "Home Office Heaven" is a work that follows a series of spatial arrangements, spatial compositions of various things. Usually, these settings contain images, sounds, objects and projections, lights and shadows, but these elements may also vary. Lights play a role, and I define specific ways you can move within the space. There is a lot to see, but nothing is explained, and nothing seems to make any deeper sense. Memories and remains stand or hang or lay or hover next to randomly appearing elements and site-specific details. I take and borrow, I acquire and find, I collect and I construct, I create and I produce all the small pieces - then I place them in an unplanned and undersign order. This order of elements, of images, sounds, objects, projections, lights, and shadows, this order is always temporary, and nothing stays the way it appeared. Some elements may get used again in further future installations, but there is no recipe or intent in the back of my mind. These spaces are established very fluently, intuitively and following very sketchy ideas that come and go as I work on at the specific location. I do enter with some ideas and some material, but I am open to getting pushed and pulled into unexpected areas and undiscovered zones. A room, an area, a spot, a place is arranged and rearranged, furnished and equipped, filled and then emptied again. It is a temporary dwelling but nothing to really live in; it is a place of work that is also a habitat for connections, overlaps and interactions. As long as the unexpected and unforeseen that may appear within such spaced can still surprise or inspire me a bit - as long as I feel comfortable for a brief moment in the environment - as long as it satisfies me for a second - it is working for me. I build a space and share it if possible, but I am also happy with it on my own. Sharing can be important and may be required to gain recognition, it may be uplifting or exciting, but it may also be exhausting and demanding. So either way, for me alone or for a large audience, my temporary artistic cribs come and go, again and again. Here I had one that I called "Home Office Heaven" for less than 3 weeks.
That's fine too.

IN-SIDE-OUT in Graz dismantled


On March 20th, the public art-installation titled IN-SIDE-OUT was dismantled. This work had been created by Martina Tritthart and Holger Lang in Graz, Austria, in July 2020. We produced it for the exhibition event "Solaris" that happened at the tunnel under the "Schlossberg", the castle-rock or castle-hill at the capital city of the Austrian state Steiermark. In the "Schlossbergtunnel", this installation contained a dynamic light and sound environment that ran without problems for almost 9 months. In the 234 days of its existence, the only technical problem was once the death of the audio-player and the interruption of the programmed light sequence, both caused by an electrical problem that had affected all installations. We needed a whole day to take all elements apart and emptied this cave-like space for new projects to follow us.
Look for the words "IN-SIDE-OUT", our names (Martina Tritthart, Holger Lang) and our joint operational organisation, called "mutual loop", or "mutualloop" to find more information and audio-visual material about this project. As the tunnel is connecting the upper part of the castle hill with the lower street level near the Mur river, our work had been seen by many people passing through the rock.
It most likely had been a brief impression on many more people than I expect ever to see this post here.

Unrelated, but not less significant.
Or, related, but not significant.
A project that was on display for the most of the last year. For the most of the last year I avoided writing by hand. Writing by hand is very different to writing on a machine, like a computer, and even more different to writing online, like here and now.
About a year with only sporadic handwriting has passed by, and at the end of it I picked up the public typing again, after a very long break. I do not know if there is any connection, but I will try, from today on, to do both, as much as possible and fitting into my days. Does it matter?
Is this a rhetoric question?
Do you care?
Rambling flow of thoughts.
wandering star



This is a blog that I started in March 2007, which was 14 years ago.
I entered information that had then been up to about 12 years old, starting in 1995.
At that time, it seemed relevant, and I had filled in more posts up to that year.
For about another year, I tried to add more information in parts also because it appeared necessary.
In 2007 a shift in my focus had increased my involvement in academic teaching, research and the communication of knowledge.
The use of social media on a broad scale had also increased around that time, so a blog appeared somewhat necessary.
It also appeared to be a reasonable useful tool to participate in a public discussion.
The big companies that now dominate the internet had not yet been too big, so it was all still volatile and unclear.
In 2008 and 2009, I tried to make sense of it all, tried to use the platform as good as possible.
But it didn't do the trick for me, so I somewhat abandoned it, left it hovering in disregard, neglect and oblivion.
Updates of the platform came, updates of the platform left, my posts did survive the erosion and deterioration.
Digitally it stayed as "fresh" and "pristine" as I had thrown it out onto the world.
In the meantime, a few other entities also collected and shared a bit of information about my doings - and shared them on the internet.
Nobody ever asked me if I wanted that, but I assume that on the internet, that is not a big issue, right?
There is an example at which, for unknown reasons, the focus had been on the year 2004,
with a bit about me before that too, and then some more during a time much later.
The images that I posted with this brief text here is showing a screenshot, taken now, in March 2021.
Kunst- und Forschungsdatenbank - basis Wien - how long will this entity exist on the internet?
This question brought me back here, although I have not much new to say.
Maybe the really big companies will be kind to me and will let my posts live longer.
Like this one here, who knows.
I also never really cultivate my own homepage, never kept it well-groomed, preserved and taken care of.
It doesn't look like I will change that approach in the near future, but who knows...
Chance and circumstance.



Consider this.
Grammar does not matter, style does not matter, topic and substance do not matter; the subject matter does not matter.
Whatever content it may be, it does not matter what it is, not at all, because any content is good content, just like the news.
Any news are good news because it is about the ripples on the surface, not about the depth of the waters.
Writing a stream of words may be good, may be bad, may be full of important subject matters, of just full of content.
It's all the same from the one, the here relevant perspective.
The internet.

What does make a difference is the number of responding people, unique people, not just bots, machines, hits or clicks.
Again, the type of response, the quality of response does not matter, as long as there is any kind of response.
Responses never have to go deep, as long as they continue to create ripples on the surface of the water.
The ocean of more or less individual expressions thrown into the internet is unimaginably vast.
Every single voice, each personal statement will vanish in the superabundance of statements, expressions, words and images.
One can still try to stick out, to be elevated, do be more recognised than others and thus be able to influence more of the others.
More viewers, more readers, more addressees, more recipients, more consumers, more more more.

At the same time, the internet is a system of commercial dependencies.
There are only companies who offer services, who offer commercial services, who offer services for their own benefits.
The internet is not a free system, it has barely ever been close to that, it was always closer to business.
Consumption, capitalisation, commercialisation, advertising, influencing, spreading, circulating, marketing, selling.
Always more, always wider, always faster, always the same.
Some few people gain huge benefits from this, some will do ok, but the majority will be the ones who eat and drink and swallow.
The internet is a tool for the few to keep the many busy, with bread and games, with what seems necessary and entertaining.

However, it's not just bad at its core, the internet, it's just extremely consuming - and as a noun that means - also means
- it is the act of consuming, as by use, decay, or destruction, the amount consumed, the high consumption of gasoline.
In economics - the using up of goods and services having an exchangeable value - like our time, energy, focus, life.
In pathology, an older of the word ... like tuberculosis of the lungs, progressive wasting of the body.
Consumption as progressive wasting of resources, the opening of time, burning through the years.
If it would all be about relevant information, it would be way too stressful, never ever enjoyable, relaxing, distracting.
How can there ever be a balance in a commercial, capitalised, market-driven environment?

Cooper Snooper



Dennis Cooper (born January 10, 1953) is an American novelist, poet, critic, editor and performance artist. He is perhaps best known for the George Miles Cycle, a series of five semi-autobiographical novels published between 1989 and 2000 and described by Tony O'Neill "as intense a dissection of human relationships and obsession that modern literature has ever attempted."

In mid-2016, Cooper engaged in a two-month standoff with Google after it deleted his blog and Gmail accounts without warning, due to what the company described as unspecified violations of their terms of use policy. Ten years of Cooper's writings were lost, including a novel. Cooper termed the situation "a nightmare". Cooper's plight attracted media attention, including from The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Guardian, Le Figaro, and Die Welt. Google's attorneys contacted Cooper and after long negotiations, returned his data.

Cooper's work has been acknowledged as an influence on a number of younger writers, including Travis Jeppesen, Tony O'Neill, Noah Cicero, Dominic Lyne and Poppy Z. Brite. Cooper's poetry, including the first poem he ever wrote (about David Cassidy) appear in the film Luster as the work of lead character Jackson. American indie rock band Deerhunter, and grindcore act Pig Destroyer have both cited Dennis Cooper as a lyrical influence. Cooper has also influenced a number of artists such as Jonathan Mayhew, Math Tinder, Lizz Brady, Chris Kelso, Daniel Portland, Jared Pappas-Kelley, Kier Cooke Sandvik, Ken Baumann, Blair Mastbaum, which he has included in exhibitions such as the Weaklings or who he has showcased over the years. Within his work Cooper is often inspired and quotes from underground and independent music; as with the lyrics of the band Hüsker Dü in the novel Try, and the naming of the 1992 curated show The Freed Weed, from a compilation by the band Sebadoh - which has been discussed in a number of interviews and analyses.

cocolight and a cake


call me in the morning

what was there, before there was social media


give me another 10 years and we will see what will have replaced ...
facebook, instagram, snapchat, yourspace, whatthehecklinkk
already no more access to many of them multiguestbook
even another blogspot
and more and more
and more and more

I said "Doctor, ain't there nothin' I can take?"

revisit the old and recover the new?
it's not that important, but it's traces

I mean, why not write a book instead of posting something on the internet? Do you really think it will reach more people?
Is it so important?
That, what you say?



07.07.07 11:00
To make something simple look complicated.
You just have to concentrate on the details. It is all a question of viewpoints and positions. There is no absolute truth, so what is simple is also complicated and what is complicated is simple. Take this example: It is not necessary to explain how complicated simple things actually are. We all could see this if we wanted to, but that would be too complicated. We rather see the simple things. And as everything complicated is very simple we then can and do see everything. Isn't that comforting?
Etwas einfaches kompliziert aussehen lassen? Es ist alles eine Frage des Blickwinkels und Standpunktes. Es gibt keine absolute Wahrheit, also ist alles was einfach ist auch kompliziert und alles was kompliziert ist auch einfach. Zum Beispiel: Es ist nicht notwendig zu erklären wie kompliziert einfache Dinge sind. Wir alle könnten das erkennen, wenn wir wollten, aber das wäre zu kompliziert. Wir sehen lieber die einfachen Dinge. Weil aber alles was kompliziert ist auch sehr einfach ist, sehen wir alles. Ist das nicht beruhigend?

13.06.07 06:06
Venus: "Oh Zeus, my good old friend !"
Zeus "Oh Yes, Venus darling."
Venus: "I want her ...."
Zeus. "Are you sure ?"
Venus: "Yes, I want this fucking Psyche,
and I want you to help me to get her ...."

10.10.06 22:51
It is beautiful - then gone
like everything has a certain time of existence
it could be very short time and it could be a very long time
like rocks and trees, or raindrops and butterflies
snowflakes and chocolate cakes
it is only sad because it was beautiful
Everything is incomplete and fragile.
things fall in pieces, we fall in pieces.
Nature is erasing us and our traces.
Our memory and our history are floating away and dissolving
like paper in the river.
The images fade away, the echoes of the voices get slower
and slower
and scratches and rust cover our reflections.
Writing a story in a book does not require much, just
a few memories and a little bit of time.
Images never tell stories, our own memories create the stories
that we think we recognize in the images and through the images.
You can jump back and forth and it makes no difference
whether your stories have a beginning or an end.
Hundreds of letters are lined up in structures
defined by languages but they mean nothing if you can not read
or do not know the language.
Collections of images in albums and picture-books
can be read by most people who can see as we all
know much of the vocabulary, still we might have no idea
what the author was telling us when he put the images
into an order.
Nothing works the way we want it and everything takes longer.
We lose what we love and we live what we have.

29.01.06 10:01
Hydrogen-Ion Concentration
Es sind 20 Jahre und ein Tag nach dem ersten Unfall eines Raumgleiters. Die "Challenger" war kurz nach dem Start explodiert. Und heute hat das neue Jahr in China begonnen, es ist das Jahr des Hundes. Das Rechnen der Zeit hält sich an Ereignissen an, die über das alltägliche Mass hinausgehen. 20 Jahre sind eine abschaubare Zeit, eine kurze Zeit im Rückblick. Und je weiter man zurück blicken kann, umso näher erscheint die Zukunft. It is 20 years and one day after the first accident of a space shuttle. The "Challenger" exploded short after take-off. And today the new year in China has begun, it is the year of the dog. Calculating time holds on to events that stick out of the daily range. 20 years are a time that can be overlooked easily, a short time when looking back. And the further you can look back, the nearer the future seems to be.

27.01.06 19:20
8340 Arrowhead Road
Mozart wäre heute 250. Das ist 208,5 Jahre älter als ich. Und er war ein Genie Aber ich bin älter als er es jemals wurde. Wie alt werde ich werden? Wie lautet die Antwort? Das Wetter hier ist heute extrem kalt, warum wohne ich eigentlich hier? Ich mag das Haus gar nicht verlassen. Mozart would be 250 today. That is 208.5 years older than me. And he was a genius. But I am older than he ever got. How old will I get ? What is the answer ? The weather is extremely cold here today, why do I actually live here? I don't want to leave the house.

26.01.06 18:40
New South
"Australia Day" ist der Nationalfeiertag von Australien, der 26. Januar. Er erinnert an die Landung der ersten Flotte in Sydney Cove an diesem Tag im Jahr 1778. Vor einem Jahr war ich in Sydney zum ersten mal gelandet. Ich hatte nicht gewusst, dass es der Nationalfeiertag war und habe mich über diesen Zufall gefreut. Es war ein warmer Sommertag, ich bin in die Innenstadt spaziert und dort waren Sonne und Stadt, Meer und Himmel. 'Australia Day' is Australia's official national day, January 26. It commemorates the landing of the First Fleet in Sydney Cove on that day in 1788. A year ago I had landed in Sydney the first time. I did not know it would be the national day and enjoyed this coincidence. It was a warm summer day, I walked downtown and there was the sun, the city, the sea and the sky.

18.12.05 17:10
Für mich beginnt die Winterfeierzeit immer irgendwie an diesem Tag. Die kürzesten Tage von allen beginnen und der erste Schritt durch den Winter wird abgeschlossen. Man steht kurz vor der Sonnenwende und wenigstens die Tage werden wieder länger. Hier in der Mitte Europas beginnt zwar jetzt erst die wirklich kalte Zeit, aber wenigstens wird es langsam wieder heller. Oder es wird wenigstens nicht mehr viel dunkler. Die nächsten zwei oder drei Monate werden unangenehmes Wetter bringen. Wie haben das die Menschen vor 1000 Jahren nur ausgehalten? Bald wird es hart werden. Wenigstens. My winter-celebrating-time somehow always begins on this day. The shortest of the days are beginning and the first step through winter is getting finished. We are short before the solstice and the days get at least longer again. Here in the middle of Europe the really cold time of the year is coming now but at least it is slowly getting brighter again. Or at least not much darker anymore. The next two or three months will bring us uncomfortable weather. How did the people 1000 years ago endure all this? It will get tough soon. At least.

22.11.05 05:50
Kansas Flooding
Wenn die Westküste von Gran Canaria in das Meer stürzt, wird ein Tsunami die Ostküste der USA verwüsten. Ist Idealismus wirklich der letzte Luxus der Jugend ? Seit 16 Jahren lebe ich in dieser Wohnung, aber davon war ich etwa 20 % verreist. Nicht hier in der Umgebung unterwegs, sondern verreist. Und davon mindestens die Hälfte in den USA. Das kostet Zeit, Geld, Energie und Konzentration. Das macht andere Pläne langsamer. Aber wenn man beim ersten Versuch keinen Erfolg hat, dann sollte man beim zweiten Versuch etwas besser scheitern. Scheitern ist der Normalzustand, Erfolg ist selten. Man kann immer versuchen, etwas positives an einer negativen Sache zu finden. If the west coast of Gran Canaria falls into the ocean, a tsunami will devastate the east coast of the USA Is idealism really the last luxury of youth. For 16 years I am living in this apartment, but of this time I was travelling for about 20%. And I mean travelling, not just gone out nearby. And at least half of this time in the USA. This is costing time, money, energy and concentration. This makes other plans run slower. But if you first don't succeed, fail again, fail better. Failure is the normal situation, success is rare. You can always try to find something positive in a negative thing.

12.11.05 08:30
Preview Monitor
Hi Leute, falls mir etwas zu mir einfällt, lasse ich es die Welt wissen. Mit der Distanz verändert sich die Perspektive. Das funktioniert im Raum und auch in der Zeit. Manchmal erscheinen dann Dinge nebeneinander liegend, die aus der Nähe betrachtet weit voneinander entfernt sind. Aber irgendwie entfernen wir uns ja immer weiter vom Heute, daher wird alles immer entfernter. Und dann bleibt dieser gleichmäßige Eindruck bestehen, das Grau der Mitte. Die Distanz verwischt alles. With distance the perspective is changing. This works with space and also with time. Sometimes things appear close to each other that are are far apart when examined in close range. But somehow we always get further away from today, so everything gets more distant. And then this even impression remains, the gray of the middle. The distance blurs everything. Or I tell the world whatever it should know about me.

14.12.99 09:21
Stonehenge - Millenium

Als ich meinen Wagen starte, dreht sich
das Paar, das am Flussufer steht, zu mir um.
Die Donau, bevor sie das Land verlässt, fließt schnell und grün,
der Sonntag ist strahlend und warm und viele Paare verlassen die
Häuser um das seltene Sonnenlicht eines Wintertages zu genießen.

Vor mir liegt die Stelle an der die uralte Straße vom Norden her
den Fluss kreuzte, wo Wasserweg und Landweg einen Schnittpunkt
beschreiben, der ungreifbar im Wasser liegt.
Die Straße ist nicht mehr vorhanden, der Fluss nicht mehr so
wichtig, für das Reisen, für den Transport.
Die Achsen sind Schatten und das Paar am Flussufer wendet sich
auch wieder seinen eigenen Schatten im Wasser zu.

Ich wende den Wagen und verlasse langsam diesen Ort.
Vorbei am Museum, welches den Nachlass der versunkenen
römischen Metropole zu verwalten versucht. Vorbei am glanzlos
gewordenen Kurbad aus kaiserlichen Zeiten und vorbei an den
Spaziergängern und Besuchern die der Sonne wegen die
Gesichtslosigkeit des modernen Ortes übersehen.

Es ist ein später Vormittag, wenige Tage vor Weihnachten.
Kein Schnee, kein Winter, wenigstens auch keine Nebel und kein
bedeckter Himmel.
Das schimmernde Bild des Flusses bleibt bei mir als ich das
Ortsgebiet verlasse, die Ruinen der Arena an der Straße neben mir,
das wärmende, grelle Licht der Sonne.

05.07.98 23:58
Pleased to meet you.

He who has two tongues
Is blessed and haunted within one word.
Is never coming home and has
No place to hide.

Kein under and kein über work
so well und fine so easy cool.
As if there would no end then be,
for searching running Dschungelfieber.

Pendelschläge ohne Ende tick tack
touch touch up up looking for the
time that ends and never being
ever at one stop.

Zeit zu halten- anzuhalten- Anhalter sein.
Die melody zu enden and zu ändern.
Hilferufen einsam sein on the long
long road that does not let you go.

There are the ones that have a leak,
a hole a missing or no drive no luck,
the ones were kept in silence
and in caves and boxes, dark.

Believers some-times and the choosen ones
in innocence for longer or for short.
Schuld-lose oder Ahnungslose bubbles,
shining for some moments or for more.

But then there are the voices of all languages,
and of none, the in betweeners wandering.
Black and white and gray and none,
The spinning wheels bluegreenredsync.

Kinderlieder sind so leicht so tender leicht.
Gute Nacht und Schlafe Good mein Kind
before du weisst was morgen kommt,
before du seest what comes to you to morrow.

So learn to speak to talk to say to make,
your world appears out there in colors and in sounds
and you will loose your home and all the tender
will be out and on the road and in the weather.

Wicked jumps.
Wenn der Fluß zu leise fliesst, dann schläft er ein
und überschwemmt das Land mit seiner Liebe.
Mit seiner grossen Liebe.
Mit seiner allzugrossen Liebe flutend.

Waterfalls and Motorboats and Gravelbanks.
You can not cross the river without the river
moving you.
Down the river closer to the sea.
The mehr the Meer the Ozean and clouds.

If the earth would make the mother would
that be the water or the solid or the swamp
the non the mixed and blended.

And where would be the father as the sky
would only make another face of her,
another finger toe and hair.

I remember the searching crying words of him who
was said to be a son when no one, ever saw before
the father.
Verlassen, los-gelassen, aus-gestossen sein.

In fact he was a brother ever and
that´s a reflection only -.

Word out there, word Zeichen uns´rer Innenwelt
and shadow of a broken piece of the soul
that never needs to talk and show and make.

The more tongues the longer in the universe
the endless is the road.
Babylon war auch nur ein´s der Paradiese.


15.03.06 20:29
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>>: Digital-Media-Art Production (

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15.03.06 12:15
>>: My secret guestbook
>>: ... and Johnny Click.
>>: ... and another info blog (

15.03.06 11:00
>>: Eddy Harris - Writer ( >>: Michael Krainer - Musician - Producer ( >>: Martina Tritthart - Media Artist ( >>: Elisabeth Zoe Knass - Media Artist ( >>: Jennifer Odem - Sculptor ( >>: Gary Passanise - Painter ( >>: Van McElwee - Media Artist (" >>: Eamon Colman - Painter ( >>: Thomas Lang - Drummer - Producer ( >>: Dagmar Kasper - Costume Designer ( >>: Michaela & Walter Meissl - Sculptors (

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15.03.06 09:03
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23.03.21 11:00
r2worked.html r2-equals-2E anything else from the past?


18.09.90 16:27
birth of a nation

31.03.06 23:26

31.03.06 23:21
in the mix

14.03.06 11:23

18.07.03 22:14



11.01.08 21:26
packing for leaving
internal stress
who cares

13.01.08 08:54
almost midnight
the house is cold
arriving after a short night and a long trip
why do I always end up in stress before leaving for a long time
it will be two months this time, is that a long time?
they did not bring my luggage to town and will deliver it tomorrow
but no snow in town
a small house and I will live on the upper floor
if it is not fake it is actually built in stone
I will have to sleep in my clothes
it is cold, no luggage
tired and tired

14.01.08 06:49
first full day
the golden globes had no show tonight
my suitcase was damaged and the airline does not want to repair it
I managed to get online and to send some mails
the house has a phone but the heating is bad
and I went to the airport, again
no success
cleaned the place and put my stuff into drawers
got food and a few more things
8 hours of sleep was good but not enough
the day was for moving in and getting adjusted
most of that worked out
still very tried

15.01.08 03:33
Is it a failed attempt?
From and including: Dienstag, 15. Januar 2008
To and including: Sonntag, 21. März 2021
Result: 4815 days
It is 4815 days from the start date to the end date, end date included.
Or 13 years, 2 months, 7 days including the end date.
Or 158 months, 7 days including the end date.

shape or form


why start something new?
not that I am against anything that is new,
but when there is something old that also works …
Why would I have to start it in a new shape or form again?
just because I need the thrill?
just because new tis always better?
just because?
well - then - because …
because it does not matter.
spring in a new year
spring as something new,
as something blueish,
cat peopleish,
given or taken.



They don't know that I saw them.
Who saw me, whom did I not see?
I listen to stories,
I inhale what they say.
I take what I can get.
Some of it will be thrown back.
Shit happens.
Yeah, you grew older since then.
me too



is anybody disappointed?
since I last visited, more than 10 years have passed
can you imagine what could have happend during these 10 years?
I am not even producing anything valuable anymore
and none of this is about me anyways
go ahead, and go low, little joe



I am not happy about what the internet is doing to the world.
Can one say that?
I mean, I use it all the time, sure.
But it is not what it could be, or should be.
What that ist?
Hmmmm ...
That answer would ne newsworthy.