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We are filling this blog with events and images related to the
public appearance and interesting moments of the Austria artist
and filmmaker Holger Lang. You can get more information about him at www.holgerlang.com.

This is not a complete listing of his public appearances.

Premiere of "Metropolis Megaplex"

On August January 23rd 2010 the film "Metropolis Megaplex" by Holger Lang premiered at the Metro-Kino in Vienna. His film was shown as a part of an animation program that included selected Austrian animations from 1932 to today. In the series of 10 topics this film was part of the program called "Stadt-Land" (city-country) that was also shown on February 2nd 2010.

Video-Installation in June 2009

Between18th and 20th of June an installation by Holger Lang was part of the group show titled "Fleisch / Illusion" (> flesh (meat) / illusion <) at Kulturraum Neruda in Vienna , Austria.

"Toast & Champagne" in New Orleans / Louisiana

From April to May 2009 "The Front" Gallery in New Orleans presented the installation by Holger Lang. The exhibition was reviewed in the local media.

"a big walking thought" at "frame[o]ut" festival

At the digital film festival "frame[o]ut" located in the Museums
Quartier in Vienna premiered on August 2nd 2008 the film "a big walking thought" by Holger Lang. His film was presented as a part
of the "High Fidelity Animation" program on an open air screen.

Vienna Independent Shorts 2008

The VIS Festival 2008 was showing the film "Linear Landscape"
the first time in Vienna on May 19th 2008. The theater was packed, the people had a good time with the whole program and somebody posted some pictures on the web.

"racecar" at "frame[o]ut" festival

The kick-off event of the digital film festival "frame[o]ut" at the MuseumsQuartier in Vienna premiered at their opening preview projection the film "racecar" by Holger Lang. His film was presented at an open air screen in the main courtyard of the MQ.

"Puderzucker" at the MuseumsQuartier

Holger Lang opened his show titled "Puderzucker" at the
"AsifaKeil" in the "electric avenue" of the "quartier 21" in the MuseumsQuartier in Vienna. He had the gallery-premiere of his
film "inescapable noise of the underlying flaw" and presented the installation "cluster 12" that changed its appearance during the
month of display at the public gallery space.

"johann.ludwig" presented in Vienna

The film "johann.ludwig" by Holger Lang, Elisabeth Zoe Knass and Teresa Moreno was shown at the Schikaneder Kino on April 18th in the "Cinema Restretto" series, presenting new short films.

"Diagonale" Filmfestival 2008

Holger Lang was showing two films at the festival in Graz.

The two new films "11.11" and "Linear Landscape" had their public premiere at the festival of Austrian film - the "Diagonale".

Metropolitan Gallery St.Louis

The video installation "Dear Lorraine" and the suspended installation "Rebirth Pending" were presented in a group show at the "Metropolitan Gallery" in St.Louis, Missouri, on February 29th 2008.

Lecture and Screening at the
Tallahassee Film Society

On Sunday 24th of February Holger Lang held a lecture about his experimental films and showed a selection of his work.
The interested audience joined the artist for over two hours,
had many questions and gave very positive feedback.
This event at the Tallahassee Film Society in Florida was organized by Margaret Van Every and continued at her house with a rich and entertaining party.

Artists Lecture / Screening

At the Friday Artists Lecture series Holger Lang presented several new art film on February 22nd 2008 and told the audience some of the secrets behind his experimental work.

"crouching" presented at Webster Vienna

At an internal preview event at Webster University Vienna Holger Lang presented his projection-video-loop "crouching" on November 19th 2007. A large crowd of students and many guests from outside the University saw the presentation.

"XVI Ante Gaudium" Premiere
at Schikaneder Kino

On May 29th 2007 the compilation "XVI Ante Gaudium",
containing experimental films by Holger Lang premiered at the Schikaneder Kino in Vienna. Only two of the 16 pieces had been shown previously. The audience participated in a long discussion about the work after the screening. The segments of this presentation were: Ritual Island - 1996 (5 min),
a big walking thought - 2004 (5 min),
and my self - 1993 (4 min),
animals revisited - 1992/2002 (2 min),
blanc - 1991 (2 min),
Hutman - 1998 (4 min),
12 Picture Postcards From Vienna - Wien - Vienne - 2000 (10 min),
The Taste of Paradise - 1992 (4 min),
subconscient.4.4 - 2004 (5 min),
Green - 1994 (5 min),
2000 burials - 2000 (7 min),
departure on a red raft - 1993 (10 min),
level.8 - 2004 (8 min),
velvet spring - 1997 (3 min),
Four Songs - 1999 (19 min),
Island Meditation - 1997 (5 min) .

"holly wood" presented at
Vienna Independent Shorts
Filmfestival 2007

Public premiere of "holly wood", a collaboration of Holger Lang
and Elisabeth Zoe Knass. After winning the 2007 internet competition of the "www.kurzfilme.at" website the 3 minute
long experimental video was presented in the "Public/Relations - Panorama" program of the VIS - Vienna Independent Shorts
2007 Filmfestival.
The audience showed strong interest in the film during
a discussion with all filmmakers after the screening.

Videoarchive includes several films

On March 9th the "Ursula Blickle Videoarchiv" located at the "Kunsthalle Wien" in the MuseumsQuartier opened and includes six films by Holger Lang. The archive is accessible free of charge at the MQ location in the basement of the Kunsthalle, at the Academy of Applied Arts in Vienna and at the archive's main office in Germany. Since the opening about 1000 audio-visual pieces are viewable at the archive and include the films "a big walking thought", "Actual Reality", "digo" "Experimeter", "Fluechtige Kreuzung" and "level.8" by Holger Lang.

"art_clips" released at ZKM

The "ZKM - Zentrum fuer Kunst und Medientechnolgie" in Karlsruhe, Germany, released a 3 disc DVD set titled "art_clips" on January 13th 2007 and presented 90 selected video art pieces from Austria, Switzerland and Germany. All clips were showing at an exhibition at the ZKM Medienmuseum from January 14th 2007 to March 25th 2007. Holger Lang's film "Fluechtige Kreuzung" is part of the Austrian selection in this compilation.

"Auf halber Höhe" released in cinemas

The 92 minutes long documentary film "Auf halber Höhe" was released in cinemas in the Austrian state of Styria. It showed the struggles of a small village in this part of Austria and attracted strong interest from the audience and media of this region.
This film is another collaboration with Elisabeth Zoe Knass
and it had it's public premiere on June 1st 2006 in Graz.

"RIALTO" as part of
"Trip - Remix your experience"

"RIALTO", a collaboration with Elisabeth Zoe Knass was presented as one segment of the experimental multimedia project "Trip - Remix your experience" in 2005. The official cinema release in Germany was in August 2006 and it was presented on German public television in July 2007. Over 30 different directors had contributed to this ambitious piece.

"Fluechtige Kreuzung"
at Medienwerkstatt Wien

On November 3rd 2004 Medienwerkstatt Wien presented a program that introduced films that were newly included in their international distribution. "Fluechtige Kreuzug" (2000) by Holger Lang was among the 6 parts of this screening.

Salzburger Kunstverein 2004

As part of an exhibition at the gallery "Salzburger Kunstverein" the piece "86400 images of lunch time boston ma. march 15th 1993" had its premiere on May 4th 2004.

Camera for "Elfriede & Elfriede"

In 2002 and 2003 Holger Lang operated the main camera during the shooting of a German documentary film about the two Austria authors Elfriede Gerstl and Elfriede Jelinek.

Small Art in Vienna (December 2003)

Video-Installations presented at "a small art exhibition"
at the "hirsh" in the capital of Austria.

"shy" presented in 2003

On November 20th 2003 the 7 minute long film "shy" (2001) was presented the first time as part of the program < party truth >
< partly fiction > at the Medienwerkstatt in Vienna.

"bamboo tree shuffle"- show

Mr. Lang curated and organized the show "bamboo tree shuffle"
as a part of the "Taste 0-20" event in Vienna's second district in June 2003. The exhibition featured artists from Webster University St.Louis and also included some photography by Holger Lang.

Retrospective 2003 in Missouri, USA

At a retrospective of his audio-visual work on April 19th 2003
Holger Lang was showing 11 of his films at the "Moore Auditorium" as part of the "Webster Film Series", the most comprehensive alternative film series in the St.Louis area. After the 90 minute long screening the audience discussed the work with the artist for a long time. Seven of the presented pieces had their first public screening at this event. The presentation included: "Blue" (2'40'' 1993), "Loves Last Gift" (19' 1995), "Experimeter"(4'44'' 2000 ), "Sacrifice" (1'30'' 1991), "Spirit" (1'30'' 2002),
"Green Dragon" (2'45''1997), "In the Kitchen" (22'14'' 1995/97), "Last und Freiheit" (burden and freedom) (3'20'' 2001),
"Actual Reality" (7'30'' 2000), "TV died in 1999" (13'41'' 1998),
"In a full circle" (7' 1999)

Artists Lecture / Screening

Holger Lang presented some of his
films and talked about them at
Webster University St.Louis.

"SOHO in Ottakring" 2002

Holger Lang participated in the performance and installation
"die kunst ist unsere heimat - fremd sind wir" at the "SOHO
in Ottakring" festival as part of the artists group "l'asam"
and he also documented the event in May 2002.

Video Edition Austria 01 Release

On January 31st 2002 Medienwerkstatt Wien presented a selection of films during the release event of the "Video Edition Austria 01" at the Kunsthalle Wien. "Actual Reality" by Holger Lang was among the projected work of this celebration. The "Video Edition Austria 01" has been presented internationally at many locations, galleries, museums and screenings.

"Filmcasino" Vienna 2001

The film "Actual Reality" was part of the program "Back in Mind"
that was presented at the"Filmcasino" Cinema in Vienna on
November 4th 2001.

"Actual Reality" in Graz

At the "Diagonale" Festival in Graz, Austria, Holger Lang's film "Actual Reality" had it's premiere on March 20th and was show a second time at the festival on March 25th 2001.