Camera for "Elfriede & Elfriede"

In 2002 and 2003 Holger Lang operated the main camera during the shooting of a German documentary film about the two Austria authors Elfriede Gerstl and Elfriede Jelinek.

Small Art in Vienna (December 2003)

Video-Installations presented at "a small art exhibition"
at the "hirsh" in the capital of Austria.

"shy" presented in 2003

On November 20th 2003 the 7 minute long film "shy" (2001) was presented the first time as part of the program < party truth >
< partly fiction > at the Medienwerkstatt in Vienna.

"bamboo tree shuffle"- show

Mr. Lang curated and organized the show "bamboo tree shuffle"
as a part of the "Taste 0-20" event in Vienna's second district in June 2003. The exhibition featured artists from Webster University St.Louis and also included some photography by Holger Lang.

Retrospective 2003 in Missouri, USA

At a retrospective of his audio-visual work on April 19th 2003
Holger Lang was showing 11 of his films at the "Moore Auditorium" as part of the "Webster Film Series", the most comprehensive alternative film series in the St.Louis area. After the 90 minute long screening the audience discussed the work with the artist for a long time. Seven of the presented pieces had their first public screening at this event. The presentation included: "Blue" (2'40'' 1993), "Loves Last Gift" (19' 1995), "Experimeter"(4'44'' 2000 ), "Sacrifice" (1'30'' 1991), "Spirit" (1'30'' 2002),
"Green Dragon" (2'45''1997), "In the Kitchen" (22'14'' 1995/97), "Last und Freiheit" (burden and freedom) (3'20'' 2001),
"Actual Reality" (7'30'' 2000), "TV died in 1999" (13'41'' 1998),
"In a full circle" (7' 1999)

Artists Lecture / Screening

Holger Lang presented some of his
films and talked about them at
Webster University St.Louis.