Consider this.
Grammar does not matter, style does not matter, topic and substance do not matter; the subject matter does not matter.
Whatever content it may be, it does not matter what it is, not at all, because any content is good content, just like the news.
Any news are good news because it is about the ripples on the surface, not about the depth of the waters.
Writing a stream of words may be good, may be bad, may be full of important subject matters, of just full of content.
It's all the same from the one, the here relevant perspective.
The internet.

What does make a difference is the number of responding people, unique people, not just bots, machines, hits or clicks.
Again, the type of response, the quality of response does not matter, as long as there is any kind of response.
Responses never have to go deep, as long as they continue to create ripples on the surface of the water.
The ocean of more or less individual expressions thrown into the internet is unimaginably vast.
Every single voice, each personal statement will vanish in the superabundance of statements, expressions, words and images.
One can still try to stick out, to be elevated, do be more recognised than others and thus be able to influence more of the others.
More viewers, more readers, more addressees, more recipients, more consumers, more more more.

At the same time, the internet is a system of commercial dependencies.
There are only companies who offer services, who offer commercial services, who offer services for their own benefits.
The internet is not a free system, it has barely ever been close to that, it was always closer to business.
Consumption, capitalisation, commercialisation, advertising, influencing, spreading, circulating, marketing, selling.
Always more, always wider, always faster, always the same.
Some few people gain huge benefits from this, some will do ok, but the majority will be the ones who eat and drink and swallow.
The internet is a tool for the few to keep the many busy, with bread and games, with what seems necessary and entertaining.

However, it's not just bad at its core, the internet, it's just extremely consuming - and as a noun that means - also means
- it is the act of consuming, as by use, decay, or destruction, the amount consumed, the high consumption of gasoline.
In economics - the using up of goods and services having an exchangeable value - like our time, energy, focus, life.
In pathology, an older of the word ... like tuberculosis of the lungs, progressive wasting of the body.
Consumption as progressive wasting of resources, the opening of time, burning through the years.
If it would all be about relevant information, it would be way too stressful, never ever enjoyable, relaxing, distracting.
How can there ever be a balance in a commercial, capitalised, market-driven environment?